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Tales of uncertainty. Tales of escaping danger. Tales of parents working four jobs. Tales of hope and resilience. My heart has felt tight since I first heard about the separation of families at the border. I kept on picturing my back then kindergarteners in those scared faces I saw in the news.

I thought to myself, what can I do besides donating money and weaving this theme into my curriculum as I have done before? Resources that not only teachers, but homeschool guardians and parents can use with their kids. It offers vivid images that makes us feel we are part of the story.

There are studies that have proved that the empathy we feel for characters, wires our brains to have the same sensitivity towards real people. The type of fear that feeds stereotypes, racism, and hate. I am an elementary Spanish teacher, so the resources I create, need to be developmentally appropriate for that age and also comprehensible for non native speakers.

You will find all the attachments below this post. Do not forget tag me if you end up using it with your children. They would drive 15 miles to save two cents a gallon.

Why is diesel fuel so much more expensive than gasoline? It has cut down harmful emissions from diesel fuel by 90 percent, but Jacobsen says it has had some unintended consequences. It used to be less refined. It was like a byproduct of gasoline. It produces a lot more energy than gas. So, it used to be you could make diesel, or you could make gas and you could tweak it at the refinery. And you could make a little more of this or a little less of that. Now it has to be a specially designed product that they refine specifically for the use of diesel buyers.

So when we produced this new diesel fuel we had a much bigger market for it. In fact, U. In diesel exports averaged just , per day.

Tylenol in germany

Why do some cars have the gas tank on the right, and the others on the left? Rumor has it, this question has even stumped Click and Clack the Tappett Brothers. But Rick Peltonen, a listener from Minneapolis, wanted to know — and, well, we wondered too. They were in front of a livery or a general store or a pharmacy and they were placed right at the curb. And so you would just pull your car up to the curb and get your gas pumped.

"freebie" en inglés americano

So in the beginning, in the s, the gas tank cap was on the curb side, so it was just easy for the fella to fill it up. But cars were, of course, sold in other countries. Countries that were equally practical, and equally worried about safety. They actually sometimes carried an extra tank of gas on the running board for when they did run out. But then gas gauges came in, and running out of gas became less of a problem.

How did I create a 6 figure business when othere were struggling. The real trick it to know your ideal cli These time-saving programs help coaches with NO clients to get a jam-packed business! Enter new clients. You can create a quiz. You can test with freebies You can test with doing a Live on X topic our workshops are the bomb dot com for a live or workshop or webinar. You can poll and say, " I am so excited to launch my course for X month and I adding some final bonuses. Sugar busting tips Detox for weight loss Learning how to boost your immune Learning anti aging secrets Tips on hormone health.

You want to niche down always What do you teach and why? What problem are you solving? What does your ideal client struggle with? A gift in exchange for an email address.

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Freebies are usually in PDF format, but you can get creative here using videos as well. What does your target market want and need? Meet me here to schedule a strategy session if you need help mapping out the right freebies to test your market. More platforms, more options, more blueprints and more confusion. Test the Message.

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Poll your clients, do a poll on an IG story or your FB page personal or biz. Get people on the phone and lead them to your program. Lets do this the right way! Love with a drip of healthy hustle. Ayuda sobre accesibilidad. Ahora no. Publicaciones de visitantes. Heather Valentine Beardsley. I think it's pretty obvious that weight loss or some kind of challenges do best in January.

But IDK, do you have a different experience? My clients are mostly women in midlife who are interested in controlling weight with a low-carb approach, interested in transformation and are open to exercise, nutritional advice, and spiritual growth. Any advice based on your experience is much appreciated. Karen Norton. I' am getting ready to do my first workshop and was wondering is it If so, where would I get one? Rachel Feldman. Everyone has been asking about the laws and their health coach or we Listen to this amazing woman Lisa Fraley.

I am pumped for you to meet her! That are Also Good for Your Soul.

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Lisa speaks at live events from British Columbia to the Bellagio. Make sure to tune in for another great episode! See you next week. Seguir leyendo. Ellos no me conocen.

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He dejado ir el modelo de 6 meses. He estudiado a otros profesionales del bienestar para ver lo que ofrecieron. He tenido que taladro en mi mensaje. No pude decir el mismo mensaje a cada persona. Yo necesitaba escribir el dolor y las soluciones para una mujer en sus 30 ' s ' s. Los 40 ' s.

freebies que quiere decir Freebies que quiere decir
freebies que quiere decir Freebies que quiere decir
freebies que quiere decir Freebies que quiere decir
freebies que quiere decir Freebies que quiere decir
freebies que quiere decir Freebies que quiere decir

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