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Altairs sold well enough that they're not among the top tier of valuable antique PCs--but if you happen to own one, you can certainly find someone willing to pay you handsomely to take it off your hands. Photo courtesy of Vintage-Computer. After 34 years, the entire computer industry is still feasting on ideas that Xerox's PARC research arm came up with for the Alto. It had a sophisticated graphical-user interface, a mouse, ethernet, and a laser printer, all of which took a decade or more to go mainstream in other companies' products.

The pricey device failed to catapult the company into a leadership position in small computers, but like the Alto, it's highly collectible today. Photo courtesy of Digibarn Computer Museum.

IBM Type 02K Docking Station with Tray

When Steve Jobs has a computer to sell these days, the world listens. Back in , almost nobody did. Jobs and Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak struggled to drum up interest in the Apple 1 , which they planned to sell as a bare circuit board that hobbyists would turn into a working computer by soldering in chips themselves. Then Paul Terrell , who ran the Byte Shop in Mountain View, California--one of the first computer stores--placed an order for 50 Apple I systems, contingent on Apple's supplying them as fully assembled boards.

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And I knew where they lived--so we did the deal and that got Apple Computer started," Terrell remembers. He had to hire a local carpenter to provide the computers' wooden cases.

The 1 was only a modest success back in the day. In today's Apple-crazy world, though, it may be the most famous collectible PC.

Photo courtesy of the Obsolete Technology Website. It's important. It's iconic. Plenty of examples are still around; if you want the breakthrough version of the machine, look for the plain-vanilla II model.

Much more than documents.

There may be more Commodore 64 PCs tucked away in closets than any other single computer model--with 17 million units sold during its long lifetime, Commodore's mass-market machine has been called the best-selling single computer model of all time. And it still has legions of fans, as witness sites such as C At any given moment, you can probably find a few up for bid on eBay at reasonable prices--in the original box, even.

If you happen to own a Cray-1, we'd be very, very surprised.

It's just as well, though--storing this 5-ton behemoth in your attic could be downright dangerous. Seymour Cray's legendary supercomputer wasn't a PC by any definition, but it's too important to leave off this list of collectible computers. The turbocharged monster ran at a then-blindingly fast 80 MHz, providing awesome computing power for customers such as the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

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Cray and his machines. More formally known as the IBM , Big Blue's first PC was a blockbuster that signaled the end of the early, wild-and-woolly days of the computer revolution.

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It's no coincidence that nearly all of the most valuable antique PCs predate the Lots of original examples are still out there for people who'd like to own the great-granddaddy of today's Windows Vista boxes. But it's also possible to get a taste of the IBM PC experience simply by running ancient software on your current computer here's VisiCalc.

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A popular machine in its own right, it is perhaps most famous today as the computer used by Matthew Broderick in War Games, a film made long after the IMSAI's heyday. In , the Boston Computer Museum declared that the Kenbak-1 was the very first personal computer. Sold through ads in Scientific American to schools as a teaching aid, the Kenbak didn't have a microprocessor--which made sense, since microprocessors weren't commercially available yet. It did sport bytes of memory; to program the machine, you flipped switches, and lights served as its display.

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