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That's why purchase and registration in the stores of the providers are highly recommended instead and the MVNOs are not listed as long as this procedure is so unappealing to foreigners.

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Hungary is one of the most complicated and time-consuming country in the EU to buy a prepaid SIM card as a non-citizen right now. So you might think of bringing an EU-issued SIM card from a different country and use it according to roam like at home rules in Hungary instead. In parliament passed stricter rules on the use of prepaid SIM cards.

According to the new law, subscription for prepaid mobile phone services must not be passed onto a third party without informing the service provider. In addition, the identity of customers has to be checked by service providers before signing up. Existing subscriptions have to be closed, if the identity of the customers is not checked by July Furthermore, operators must report any suspected criminal activity to the authorities.

Rules have been again tightened in after thousands of SIM cards registered on a dead person turned up in an anti-terrorist raid. Customers who currently have prepaid subscriptions in excess of these limits must declare which ones they intend to keep; prepaid cards in excess of these limits will be terminated as of July more info for affected customers see here.

All operators are now required to verify the identity of their prepaid customers on a yearly basis.

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  6. The deadline of this check is the anniversary of the prepaid subscription. Some days before this date, customers are notified by text messages. Hungarian citizens can re-register online.

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    All foreigners who don't have an ID card issued by the Hungarian authorities must visit a branded store of the provider as an ID card or passport issued by another country can't be verified online, you have to show it in a store. This procedure is unique in Europe and possibly worldwide and makes it almost impossible to maintain an Hungarian SIM card from abroad. On most plans and allowances EU roaming is now included without surcharges.

    For specifics about the new regulation check European Union chapter and every provider below. So it's recommended to buy it there right away. All three SIM card sizes are sold.

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    Top-ups can be made at T-Points or at newsagents, post offices and service stations. Vouchers of 3,, 5, and 10, HUF are available.

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    You can also refill via the internet using a credit card. This online procedure is Hungarian only, but is workable using a translator. Are new T-Mobile customers automatically enrolled in the Jump plan? Jump is an optional program. So if you're interested, you have to sign up within 14 days of activating your phone with an Equipment Installment Plan. This is the plan that allows customers to put a down payment on the device and then pay for the balance of the phone over 24 months instead of paying for it all at once.

    After that, enrolled customers can drop Jump at any time. Can existing T-Mobile customers sign up for Jump? For a limited time, Jump is available for all T-Mobile customers starting July Customers buying a new phone under an installment plan can enroll in Jump within 14 days of activating their phones. Customers who currently are paying off a phone on T-Mobile can also enroll in the program starting July 14 if their phone is in working condition. This offer ends in 30 days.

    After 30 days, customers must have a phone under the equipment installment plan and they must have the Premium Handset Protection insurance plan to enroll in Jump. Customers do not necessarily need to buy a new phone to qualify if they already have a phone that meets these requirements, a company spokeswoman said.

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    Let's say I am a new customer and want to get a phone. If I sign up for Jump, how much am I paying for a new phone? When buying any of T-Mobile's phones you have two options; fork over a down payment and pay 24 monthly installment payments, or pay for your new phone in full at its retail cost. If you want to participate in the Jump program, you have to finance your phone. This means you will have to pay whatever down payment is required for that specific device. And then you'll have to make monthly payments on the phone either until the phone is fully paid for or until you want to upgrade again.

    If you pay for your device in full or you bring a device onto the T-Mobile network that is already paid for, you are not eligible for the Jump plan. If my device is lost, stolen or damaged will I have to pay anything extra on top of the Jump fee in order to get a new one? The Jump plan also works as an insurance plan, which means that if the phone is damaged, such as has a cracked screen or doesn't turn on or it's been lost or stolen, you will have a deductible, just as you had with T-Mobile's PHP service.

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    The deductible varies based on the phone that you have. Does this deductible apply if I just want a new phone? Cellular is new to the game, and mixing things up. Cellular the best Apple Watch carrier in terms of price. Verizon was confusing.

    I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile. Here's why, and how it went.

    Those customers with old plans would have to update. She lives in an RV full-time with her mom, Jan and dog, Jodi as they slow-travel around the country. View the discussion thread.

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