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Discs used for disc golf are designed and shaped for control, speed, and accuracy, while general-purpose flying discs, such as those used for playing guts or ultimate , have a more traditional shape, similar to a catch disc. There is a wide variety of discs used in disc golf and they are generally divided into three categories: putters, all-purpose mid-range discs, and drivers. Putters are similar to the discs used in simple games of catch, such as the Wham-o brand Frisbee.

They are designed to fly straight, predictably, and very slowly compared to mid-range discs and drivers. They are typically used for tight, controlled shots that are close to the basket, although some players use them for short drives where trees or other obstacles come into play. Usually a pro carries 1—7 putters depending on their flight characteristics. Additionally, higher speed discs won't fly properly without a fast enough release snap, so a putter or mid-range with lower snap requirements is more forgiving and will behave in a more regular way.

Mid-range discs have slightly sharper edges that enable them to cut through the air better.

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These discs are usually faster, more stable, and have a longer range than a putter. Some beginner players will use mid-ranges as drivers as it is recommended that new players stay away from higher speed drivers to help them advance quicker. They are good all-around discs and are suitable for a first time player or the most advanced pros.

Drivers are usually recognized by their sharp, beveled edge and have most of their mass concentrated on the outer rim of the disc rather than distributed equally throughout. They are designed to travel farther distances at greater speeds and are mostly used for tee-off and other long distance throws. For example, Innova Discs divides their discs into Distance Drivers and Fairway Drivers, with a fairway driver being somewhere between a distance driver and a mid-range disc. Because the physics of a disc require "snap" or "flick", which means putting spin on the disc, new players generally find that throwing a distance driver accurately can be somewhat difficult and will require experience with golf disc response.

This is why it is better for players to begin with fairway drivers, long drivers, or even mid-ranges, and incorporate maximum distance drivers as their strength and disc control increases. Most players that are starting off will be most likely throwing lighter discs. Another type of driver, used less frequently, is a roller. As the name indicates, it has an edge designed to roll rather than fly.

Although any disc can be used for a roller, some behave quite differently than others.

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Stability is the measurement of a disc's tendency to bank laterally during its flight. A disc that is over-stable will tend to track left for a right handed, backhand throw , whereas a disc that is under-stable will tend to track right also for a right handed, backhand throw. The stability rating of the discs differs depending on the manufacturer of the disc. Innova Discs rate stability as "turn" and "fade". These ratings can be found on the discs themselves or from the manufacturer's web site.

Discraft prints the stability rating on all discs and also provides this information on their web site. Spin rotation has little influence on lift and drag forces but impacts a disc's stability during flight. Imagine a spinning top. A gentle nudge will knock it off its axis of rotation for a second, but it will not topple over because spin adds gyroscopic stability.

In the same way, a flying disc resists rolling flipping over because spin adds gyroscopic stability. A flying disc will maintain its spin rate even as it loses velocity. Toward the end of a disc's flight, when the spin and velocity lines cross, a flying disc will predictably begin to fade.

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The degree to which a disc will fade depends on its pitch angle and design. There are a variety of different discs, each with a specific plastic made with them. Plastics such as DX, J-Pro, Pro-D, X-Line, D-line, retro, and R-Pro from Innova discs, latitude 64, discmania, and Discraft are some of the less durable plastics, but good for beginners due to their lower prices, compared to the higher end plastics.

Plastics such as Champion, Titanium, FLX, GStar, Gold Line, Tournament Plastic, Fuzion and Star plastics, which are the best offered from the same companies, offering the best quality, durability and flight compared to the other types available. There are also plastics that provide additional functionality, specifically glow in the dark plastic and plastic that allows the disc to float in water.

Most companies also offer a line of plastic that is much lighter than the maximum throwing weight normally filled with air bubbles which is conducive to beginners or players with less arm speed. Players might prefer bright colored discs to contrast most green flora and recover their disc easier. While there are many different grips and styles to throwing the disc, there are two basic throwing techniques: backhand and forehand or sidearm.

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These techniques vary in effectiveness under different circumstances. Their understanding and mastery can greatly improve a player's game, and offer diverse options in maneuvering the disc to the basket with greater efficacy. Many players use what is referred to as a run-up during their drive. This is practiced to build more forward disc momentum and distance. Throwing styles vary from player to player, and there is no standard throwing style.

All discs when thrown will naturally fall to a certain direction determined by the rotation direction of the disc when released, this direction is termed Hyzer , the natural fall of the disc, or Anhyzer , making the disc fall against its natural flight pattern. For a right-handed backhand throw RHBH , the disc will naturally fall to the left. For a right-handed forehand throw RHFH , the disc will naturally fall to the right. For a left-handed, backhand throw LHBH , the disc will naturally fall to the right.

For a left-handed, forehand throw LHFH , the disc will naturally fall to the left. To perform this throw, the disc is rapidly drawn from across the front of the body, and released towards a forward aimpoint. Due to the potential snap available with this technique, one can expect greater distance than with a forehand throw. It is important to initiate momentum from the feet and allow it to travel up the body, hips and shoulders, culminating in the transfer of energy to the disc.

The forehand sidearm throw is performed by drawing the disc from behind and partially across the front of the body: similar to a sidearm throw in baseball. The term sidearm actually predates the term forehand , which is seemingly in use today as a simpler means to communicate the technique, equating to a tennis forehand.

The following examples of throws may be used to better deliver a disc where the former common two throws would be impeded by obstacles such as bushes, trees, boulders, or artificial structures. Stroke play is the most common scoring method used in the sport but there are many other forms.

These include match play , skins , speed golf and captain's choice, which in disc golf is referred to as "doubles" not to be confused with partner or team play. Regardless of which form of play the participants choose, the main objectives of disc golf are conceptually the same as traditional golf in the sense that players follow the same scorekeeping technique.

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Doubles play is a unique style of play that many local courses offer on a weekly basis. In this format, teams of two golfers are determined.

Sometimes this is done by random draw, and other times it is a pro-am format. On the course, it is a "best-disc" scramble, meaning both players throw their tee shot; and then decide which lie they would like to play. Both players then play from the same lie, again choosing which lie is preferable. Who Qualifies? Military service members and eligible family members. You must present proof of your military service, past or present, or Military Dependent ID upon checkout to receive your discount.

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