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I scored myself a sweet deal in London when I booked an Airbnb for six weeks. Many hosts choose to offer Airbnb discounts to long-term guests, on either a weekly or monthly basis. It is in the best interest of the owner of the property to get you to stay for a long time. If you stay for 2 months, they are guaranteed income for that time. If you travel long-term and think you might want to stay in an Airbnb for a few months you are in a very good bargaining position. I recommend booking the property for a few nights and seeing whether or not you like it.

If you do, contact the owner and work out a deal with them. Airbnb has got you covered. In fact, to date, Airbnb has facilitated check-ins in different countries.

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Airbnb is literally giving you free money with this Airbnb coupon code so jump on that bandwagon and start stockpiling credit for your next vacation! About Press Work with Us Contact. See all results. Share Tweet. At the heart of the company is the Airbnb review system. This allows both visitors and hosts to post detailed feedback up to 14 days after the end of a trip.

You can make bookings at many of the company's best reviewed destinations with Airbnb vouchers and Airbnb discount codes.

Airbnb Coupons & Discount Codes for October - Valid & Working Deals

Never booked a stay before? You may be able to find an exclusive Airbnb first time discount UK code right here on this page! Airbnb Plus is a selection of homes handpicked for quality. Each has been visited in person by Airbnb staff and rated highly for comfort and reliability. You can grab reductions on these outstanding vacation spots with Airbnb UK coupons and Airbnb discount codes.

Organised by local hosts, Airbnb Experiences range from themed tours to visits to exclusive clubs and encounters with unusual wildlife.

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  • When you pick up Airbnb voucher codes, you can enjoy promotional offers on concerts, activities and many other events. Look out for money off future experiences with Airbnb UK coupon codes. You can save even more money through Airbnb UK when you refer a friend. Tour the city, go to a concert, take a local class, even go surfing—all for less than you would pay with a tour company. You can book Airbnb Experiences right from your smartphone when you download the Airbnb app.

    Get a FREE $55 Airbnb Coupon Code (Even if It’s Not Your First Booking)

    Something you may not know about Airbnb UK: you can try to negotiate prices. Airbnb Plus is a new way to find the best holiday rentals. Each property has passed a point checklist to be part of Airbnb Plus. Send the link via email or a Facebook message. Wait for your friends to make their first booking using the promo coupon. The Airbnb coupon code at work! There you go, amigos! You can now use your Airbnb discount code and stay at some of the coolest places on the backpacker trail. My daydream Airbnb property is the Dracula Castle in Transylvania. Yes, you can use your Airbnb coupon code everywhere.

    So, yes, you can use your Airbnb coupon code anywhere there is an Airbnb listing available. Having your own space to recharge is crucial to your sanity on long term trips. Often times, getting an awesome Airbnb apartment or Airstream trailer like the one below is cheaper than booking a private room in a hostel. Plus, you have your own kitchen and bathroom… which eliminates worst aspects of staying in hostels filthy bathrooms, appalling communal kitchen spaces, etc totally from your travel experience. Airbnb has opened up a whole new world of accommodation options to backpackers.

    Save while booking

    Now, in just about every single country one can find unique, affordable places to crash. You can probably guess where this apartment is…. Longterm rentals are a great way to stretch your travel bucks further. They can actually work out cheaper than staying in a hostel since hostels very rarely have any kind of long term discount available. Many people do not know about these secret Airbnb tricks.

    If you are a digital nomad who works out of a string of different apartments throughout the year, then long term Airbnb rentals are a gift from the Backpacker Gods. Seriously, in the old days, finding a long term apartment rental in Vietnam or Paris or Mexico City was complicated, involved lots of paperwork, and required you to speak the local language if you had any hope of getting a good deal. Thankfully those days are behind us. Ah, the 21st century. Working from a sick Airbnb rental in Thailand.

    You heard about these epic castles, windmills, and treehouses offered on Airbnb. The question is, how does one find them in a vast ocean of bland apartment listings? Before, Airbnb did not offer a way to search for specific types of unique property listings. Perhaps one of the best arguments for using the Airbnb platform is the wide variety of unusual and interesting accommodation options on offer. Most backpackers I know would prefer to stay in a sick treehouse over a hotel room any day of the week… It was finding your way to the sick treehouse that was the issue….

    Now, things have changed. It is now easier than ever to discover that perfect vintage boat, quirky treehouse, simple bush hut, stunning lighthouse, haunted train car, etc that you have always dreamed about staying in. Once you decide on a specific region or city you can use the filter function to search for the specific property type you are interested in. Finding unique accommodation is easy now thanks to the Airbnb filter function….

    What is your dream accommodation? Only one way to find out… start searching! Honestly, there may be no better way to use your Airbnb coupon code than staying in a river-side tipi for a couple of nights.

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    If there is one thing that I have learned over the course of my travels it is this: you never know the answer to a question until you ask. So when you have used up your Airbnb coupon code, then what? Is the discount party over? Not necessarily…. You do have the option to straight up ask for an Airbnb discount directly from the Airbnb hosts. Send the host a message directly before you actually book or pay for a particular listing or property. In all likelihood, the host will prefer to give you a little Airbnb discount rather than totally missing out on your business.

    This is especially true if you are traveling during the low backpacker season of any given country. Here is a little line that has worked for me a few times to score a special discount directly from an Airbnb host:. I am traveling around your beautiful country and a few nights at your place is exactly what I need to recharge my batteries.

    Airbnb coupons for October 12222

    I am wondering if it would be possible for you to give me a small discount towards my stay at your place as I am a backpacker with a slightly limited budget… Thanks so much in advance! Tell the host you have been hitchhiking and maybe they will give you a tasty discount…. Airbnb is one of the fastest-growing business in the world and, best of all, they have a soul.

    If you have money to invest, you might seriously consider setting up an Airbnb empire — a lot of people are making a fortune. Have an awesome spot like this back home?

    Coupon for airbnb march 2019
    Coupon for airbnb march 2019
    Coupon for airbnb march 2019
    Coupon for airbnb march 2019
    Coupon for airbnb march 2019

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